Welcome to the High Country

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Cooke City, Montana is a historical mining town and is home to around 100 residents in the winter and booms in the summer to thousands including summer residents and tourists.  Cooke City is not your typical “sleepy” small town however and still has that residual wild feel of an old mining town. 

If the fishing is bad (which isn’t likely), you can always duck into one of the local taverns and enjoy a whiskey, a beer, or whatever might wet your whistle or just enjoy the sunset from one of the decks of the cabins, breathing in the colors that sit just on top of Baronette Mountain, that beautiful baroness that lays across the valley to the west (You might have to use your imagination).  There is hiking, biking, skiing, sledding, wildlife watching, and pretty much anything you would just rather do outside really!  Our channel selection in the rooms is basic because if you are visiting, tv should be last on your list of things to do.  If you love the mountains, you will love Cooke City and be careful, you might just get Cooke City Fever.  I haven’t been able to shake it since 1995.  Not to scare anyone, but Cooke City Fever defined is “the over-whelming yurn to be in the valley of Cooke City.  It can be sometimes uncontrollable and your thirst for outside beauty and great people is almost insatiable!”

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